Peace, Reform and Liberation: launch of new Liberal history book

Peace, Reform and Liberation is a comprehensive history of Liberal politics in Britain.

Drawing on the most recent scholarly research, the Liberal Democrat History Groups new book examines the roots of Liberal thinking in the revolutionary tumult of the seventeenth century, the history of Whig politics, how the Liberal Party was formed in the mid-nineteenth century, the reasons for the partys calamitous decline after the First World War, and the factors underlying the partys unexpected revival in the second half of the twentieth century, culminating in the formation of the Liberal Democrats and the partys entry into government in 2010.

Edited by Robert Ingham and Duncan Brack; chapter authors include Michael Freeden, Eugenio Biagini, Martin Pugh, David Dutton and Philip Cowley.

Join Paddy Ashdown, Shirley Williams and Julian Glover (The Guardian) for the launch of Peace, Reform and Liberation at the Liberal Democrat conference. Copies will be on sale at the meeting!

UPDATE: You can watch a recording of the meeting ||||on YouTube||.