The historical Gladstone and the contemporary Gladstone

Gladstone’s library at Hawarden

The general election of 1874

Analysis of the reasons behind the crushing Liberal defeat in 1874

Saving Dunford House

The threat to Richard Cobden’s Sussex home

Jogging along by the Parliamentary train?

Gladstone’s first government and the House of Lords

Gladstone’s first ministry and Ireland

The Liberal government’s policy on Ireland

A Chapter of Autobiography as campaign document

Examination of the role played by the publication of Gladstone’s pamphlet during the 1868 election campaign

The general election of 1868

Discussion of the results of the election that brought the Liberals to power

Gladstone’s first government, 1868–74

Introduction to this special issue of the Journal of Liberal History, marking 150 years since William Ewart Gladstone first became prime minister

Interview with David Steel

David Steel on his recollections of Jeremy Thorpe

The 1924 Labour Government and the Failure of the Whips

The party whips, the collapse of the government and the decline of the Liberal Party

7 December 1916: Asquith, Lloyd George and the crisis of Liberalism

An analysis of the partnership between the Liberal leaders which finally split under the strains of war

Tim Farron as Party Leader

Interview with Tim Farron MP on his period as Leader of the Liberal
Democrats, 2015–17

25 years of the Journal

The Journal team celebrate our hundredth issue

Asquith: friendship, love and betrayal

How did Liberal Prime Minister Asquith’s friendships and relationships affect his political decisions?

The Liberal Party and the trade unions in the 1870s

Did the Liberals miss an historical opportunity to become the party of organised labour and the trade unions in the 1870s?

Religion and politics in the Edwardian era

The experience of the Hampshire Congregationalists

Shirley Williams, the SDP and Europe

Interview with Shirley Williams

Liberal Parties in Europe