Geoff Tordoff: an appreciation

A look back at the life and long political career in the Liberal Party and Liberal Democrats of Geoff Tordoff

Tentative feelers: the Liberal Party’s response to the emergence of the Green Party

An examination of the early contacts between the Liberal Party and the emerging Green Party in the 1970s

The Liberal Democrat performance in the 2019 European election

Analysis of the Liberal Democrat vote in May 2019

E. D. Simon: Intellectual in politics

Biography of E. D. Simon, 1st Baron Simon of Wythenshawe

Liberal Democrat leadership performance

Comparative table of leadership performance updated to 2019

Vince Cable as leader

Interview with Vince Cable on his period as leader of the Liberal Democrats

A lifetime in Liberalism: where do we go now?

The fourth Viv Bingham Lecture, as delivered by Tony Greaves

Lloyd George’s presidency of the Board of Trade

A review of Lloyd George’s time at the Board of Trade, from 11 December 1905 to 8 April 1908

Welsh Liberal Party 1966–70

New beginnings and the challenge of Plaid Cymru

OId heroes for a new leader

Liberal Democrat leadership candidates’ historical heroes

‘Vote for Mr Crum and one other Liberal’

The origin of two 1874 election leaflets.

The long-lived Liberal Party of Canada

An examination of the history of the Canadian Liberal Party.

Writing about Paddy

A look at how Paddy Ashdown’s life and career were remembered and celebrated in the media.

Paddy Ashdown – An Appreciation

A recollection of the career of Paddy Ashdown, Leader of the Liberal Democrats 1988–99.

The historical Gladstone and the contemporary Gladstone

Gladstone’s library at Hawarden

The general election of 1874

Analysis of the reasons behind the crushing Liberal defeat in 1874

Saving Dunford House

The threat to Richard Cobden’s Sussex home

Jogging along by the Parliamentary train?

Gladstone’s first government and the House of Lords

Gladstone’s first ministry and Ireland

The Liberal government’s policy on Ireland