The Liberal Party and the trade unions in the 1870s

Did the Liberals miss an historical opportunity to become the party of organised labour and the trade unions in the 1870s?

Religion and politics in the Edwardian era

The experience of the Hampshire Congregationalists

Shirley Williams, the SDP and Europe

Interview with Shirley Williams

Liberal Parties in Europe

How the Liberal Party became committed to the European Union

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‘Pacifism is not enough; nor patriotism, either’

The life of Philip Kerr, Lord Lothian

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Lord Geraint of Ponterwyd

Biography of Geraint Howells

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En Marche! A new dawn for European liberalism?

An examination of the political background to Emmanuel Macron’s election as French President

The Nonconformist mind of Lloyd George

The roots of Lloyd George’s political beliefs

The 2017 election: a missed opportunity?

An examination of the Liberal Democrat performance in the 2017 election

Liberal Democrat leadership

Comparative table of leadership performance updated to 2017

Old heroes for a new leader

Vince Cable explains why Roy Jenkins is his political hero

The changing face of election campaigning

An interview with Chris Rennard, former Director of Campaigns and Chief Executive of the Liberal Democrats, about election campaigning.

Liberal defectors and the First World War

An analysis of the impact of the Great War on defections from the party.