Portrait of Francis Acland

Acland, Sir Francis

Portrait of John Acton

Acton, Sir John

Portrait of Paul Addison

Addison, Paul

Portrait of Christopher Addison

Addison, Christopher

Portrait of Andrew Adonis

Adonis, Andrew

Portrait of Max Aitken

Aitken, Max

Portrait of Johanna Alberti

Alberti, Johanna

Johanna Alberti is Associate Lecturer with the Open University. She is the author of Beyond Suffrage (1989) and Eleanor Rathbone (1996).

Portrait of John Alderdice

Alderdice, John

Portrait of Danny Alexander

Alexander, Sir Danny

Portrait of Norman Angell

Angell, Sir Norman

Portrait of Joseph Arch

Arch, Joseph

Portrait of Paddy Ashdown

Ashdown, Paddy

Portrait of Raymond Asquith

Asquith, Raymond

The Earl of Oxford and Asquith, (Raymond Asquith) the great-grandson of H. H. Asquith and currently the newest member of the Liberal Democrat team in the House of Lords.

Portrait of Margot Asquith

Asquith, Margot

Wife of Prime Minister H. H. Asquith

Portrait of Herbert Henry Asquith

Asquith, Herbert Henry