British Liberal Leaders: Leaders of the Liberal Party, SDP and Liberal Democrats since 1828




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This book is the story of  the leaders of the Liberal Party, SDP and the Liberal Democrats from Earl Grey, who led the Whigs through the Great Reform Act of 1832, to Nick Clegg, the first Liberal leader to enter government for more than 60 years. Chapters written by experts in Liberal history cover such towering political figures as Palmerston, Gladstone, Asquith and Lloyd George; those such as Sinclair, Clement Davies and Grimond who led the party through its darkest hours; and those who led its revival, including David Steel, Roy Jenkins and Paddy Ashdown. Interviews with recent leaders are included, along with analytical frameworks by which they may be judged and exclusive interviews with former leaders themselves.

‘The leaders profiled in this book led the Liberal Party, SDP and Liberal Democrats through the best of times and the worst of times. Some reformed the constitution, led the assault on privilege and laid the foundations of the modern welfare state. Others kept the flame of Liberalism burning when it was all but extinguished. I am humbled to follow in their footsteps and learn from their experiences.’ Tim Farron MP, Leader of the Liberal Democrats

‘Political leaders matter. They embody a party’s present, while also shaping its future. This is particularly important in the values-based Liberal tradition. The essays in this book provide a fascinating guide to what it took to be a Liberal leader across two centuries of tumultuous change.’ Martin Kettle, Associate Editor, The Guardian.

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Year of publication: 2015

Duncan Brack, Robert Ingham and Tony Little (eds.), Published by Biteback ISBN: 978-1-84954-197-8