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Journal of Liberal History 101: Special issue on Gladstone’s first government



Gladstone’s first government, 1868–74
Eugenio Biagini introduces this special issue of the Journal of Liberal History, marking 150 years since William Ewart Gladstone first became prime minister

The general election of 1868
Michael Steed on the results of the election that brought the Liberals to power

Gladstone’s first government: a policy overview
The achievements of Gladstone’s ministry, analysed by Jonathan Parry

A Chapter of Autobiography as campaign document
John Powell examines the role played by the publication of Gladstone’s pamphlet during the 1868 election campaign

Gladstone’s first ministry and Ireland
The Liberal government’s policy on Ireland; by Douglas Kanter

Gladstone and the 1870 Elementary Education Act
Geoffrey Chorley discusses one of the oustanding achievements of Gladstone’s government

Jogging along by the Parliamentary train?
Gladstone’s first government and the House of Lords; by Tony Little

Saving Dunford House
Anthony Howe on the threat to Richard Cobden’s Sussex home

The general election of 1874
David Books analyses the reasons behind the crushing Liberal defeat in 1874

The historical Gladstone and the contemporary Gladstone
Gladstone’s library at Hawarden; by Peter Francis

Peterson, Gladstone’s Influence in America, reviewed by Roland Quinault