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Journal of Liberal History 108



Journal of Liberal History, Issue 108:Autumn 2020

Swinson as leader

Liberal Democrat leadership performance C0mparative table updated to 2020

Jo Swinson as leader Interview with Jo Swinson on her period as leader of the Liberal Democrats

The two Henry Redhead Yorkes, radical to liberal Amanda Goodrich examines two BME individuals and their role in British politics, 1790–1850

Another Madam Mayor Jaime Reynolds tells the story of Lady Howard of Llanelli and the strange case of the Cowell-Stepneys

Report General election 2019: disappointment for the Liberal Democrats, with Professor Sir John Curtice and James Gurling; report by Neil Stockley

Reviews Fieldhouse et al, Electoral Shocks (Duncan Brack); Cowley and Kavanagh, The British General Election of 2015 and The British General Election of 2017 (Michael Steed); Illingworth, Sheelagh Murnaghan (Michael Meadowcroft)

Letters to the Editor Robert Maclennan; Lloyd George and the partition of Ireland; Five Liberal women; Asquith and home rule