Journal of Liberal History 110: special issue on the early-19th-century roots of Liberalism



Journal of Liberal History, Issue 110: Spring 2021

Early Liberalism – a search for origins
James Moore introduces this special issue of the Journal of Liberal History.

Peterloo: the English Uprising
Robert Poole examines the Peterloo massacre in 1819, and its impact on the emergence of democracy in Britain.

Henry Hunt, Peterloo, Whigs and Liberals
The role played by Henry ‘Orator’ Hunt at Peterloo and its impact on Whig politics, by John Belchem

‘Not straight but serpentine’
The ‘Liberal Tory’ George Canning and the origins of nineteenth-century Liberalism; by Stephen Lee

The Pisan Triumvirate
The Libertine, the Atheist, and The Liberal; by Ian Macgregor Morris

Liberalism and the Lancashire electorate
in the aftermath of the 1832 Reform Act, by Michael Winstanley

Meeting report
The Peterloo Massacre and Nineteenth-Century Popular Radicalism, with Robert Poole and Jacqueline Riding; chair: Liz Barker; report by Neil Stockley

Reviews: The Peterloo massacre
Review of Jacqueline Riding, Peterloo: The Story of the Manchester Massacre (Head of Zeus, 2018); Polyp, Eva Schlunke and Robert Poole, Peterloo: Witnesses to a Massacre (New Internationalist, 2019); Robert Poole, Peterloo: The English Uprising (Oxford University Press, 2019).