Journal of Liberal History 115



Liberal history news
Obituary: Ronnie Fearn

Letters to the Editor
Shirley Williams (Andrew Duff)

A Liberal for all seasons?
David Dutton traces the political career of Percy Alport Molteno, 1861–1937 (Part 2: 1914–37)

John Stuart Mill: A neo-Athenian republican
John Ayshford examines the influence of the republic of classical Athens on Mill’s thought

The two Davids: Owen versus Steel
Meeting report, with Sir Graham Watson and Roger Carroll; report by James Moore

Gopnik, A Thousand Small Sanities: The Moral Adventure of Liberalism, reviewed by Malcolm Baines
Reekes and Roberts, George Dawson and his Circle, reviewed by Ian Cawood
Lester, Boehme and Mitchell, Ruling the World: Freedom, Civilisation and Liberalism in the Nineteenth-Century British Empire, reviewed by Iain Sharpe