Adrian Slade’s interviews with leading party figures

Adrian Slade explains the records he has of interviews with leading party figures: Since 2004 the Journal of Liberal History has been the guardian of what, although I say it myself, is now becoming a uniquely interesting party archive a set of CDs and audio-cassette tapes of in-depth interviews I have conducted with leading Liberal […]

Temple, Henry John (third Viscount Palmerston)

Palmerston’s papers at the Hartley Library, University of Southampton

Wainwright, Richard (1918-2003) and Lord Steel (1938-)

Project to catalogue the papers of Richard Wainwright and Lord David Steel at London School of Economics Archives

Beveridge, William

Beveridge’s papers at London School of Economics

Owen, David

Owen’s Papers at the University of Liverpool

Sandelson, Neville

Sandelson’s papers at London School of Economics

Sinclair, Archibald (Viscount Thurso)

Thurso Papers at the Churchill Archives