The formation of Liberal Party policy, 1885-92

The Liberal Party and the House of Lords, 1880-1895

The Liberal land campaign and the land issue, c.1906-1914

Aspects of Sheffield Liberalism, 1849-86

Lord Rosebery and Scottish Nationalism 1868-1896

John Morley: a political study, with special emphasis on the relationship between his political thought and practice

The political career of Walter Runciman, 1st Viscount Runciman of Doxford 1870-1949

Politics in the West Riding of Yorkshire in the age of reform, 1830-40

Supervisor – Professor W.A. Speck

Radicalism and reform in Burnley, 1842-70

Supervisor – Dr. Iorwerth J. Prothero

The grass-roots organization of the Liberal party, 1945-64

Supervisor – Dr. Michael W. Hart

Liberalism against democracy: a study of the life, thought and work of Robert Lowe, to 1867

Supervisor, Dr Simon J D Green

The Samuelites and the National Government: a study in Liberal survival, August 1931 – November 1933

The survival of the British Liberal Party, 1932-59

Liberals and the Labour Party, 1906-1914

Bradford: radical city in the Liberal age

The Liberal Party in Scotland, 1885-95

The Wail of Jeremiah: the early career of C.F.G. Masterman as an expression of Edwardian Christian Socialism

Lloyd George and the Labour Movement (With particular reference to the years 1914-22)

English Liberal thought: problems of social reform, 1886-1914

Real Liberals and Conservatives in the City of London, 1848-86

Supervisors – Mr. A. William Purdue and Mr. John M. Golby