Election candidates 1945-2019: East of England region

The compilation of this Index has been complicated by name changes of many constituencies over the years. Forty or more of the candidates listed have fought constituencies in up to five regions of the United Kingdom. Unlike industrialised regions, there have been no pockets of constituencies which the party failed to contest over the period 1945-64.  Individual constituencies, however, were neglected for many years, particularly those with a history of Liberal National allegiance from the early 1930s.  As the Nat-Lib-Con presence withered away after 1959, the resurgent Liberal Party began to contest these constituencies once more.

Following agreement with the Green Party, the Liberal Democrats did not nominate a candidate at Bury St Edmunds at the General Election of 2019. The party also stood down in the constituency of Luton South in favour of the retiring MP, who was standing as anti-Brexit candidate.

Lionel King