Journal articles

Shirley Williams, the SDP and Europe

Interview with Shirley Williams

How the Liberal Party became committed to the European Union

The Liberal contribution to the Council of Europe

‘Pacifism is not enough; nor patriotism, either’

The life of Philip Kerr, Lord Lothian

Assessing Edward Grey

Review of Michael Waterhouse, Edwardian Requiem: A Life of Sir Edward Grey (Biteback, 2013)

Gilbert Murray v. E. D. Morel

Liberalism’s debilitating divide over foreign policy

The long shadow of war

Sir Edward Grey and Liberal foreign policy before 1914

Liberals and the Suez crisis

Internationalism and interdependency

Review of Richard S. Grayson, Liberals, International Relations and Appeasement (Frank Cass, 2001).

Report: Liberalism, peace and the First World War

‘If I had to go to Paris again …’

I blame Sir Edward Grey

Review of John Charmley, Splendid Isolation? Britain and the Balance of Power 1874-1914 (Hodder & Stoughton, 1999).

Gladstone and Britain’s Imperial Role

Archibald Sinclair: Liberal anti-appeaser

Problems of continuity

The 1906 general election and foreign policy


The Liberal Party and the First World War

A one-day conference organised by the Journal of Liberal History and Kings College, London.