Journal articles

The long-lived Liberal Party of Canada

An examination of the history of the Canadian Liberal Party.

From liberal to authoritarian

Review of Paul Lendvai, Orbán: Europe’s New Strongman (C. Hurst & Co., 2017)

Liberal Parties in Europe

En Marche! A new dawn for European liberalism?

An examination of the political background to Emmanuel Macron’s election as French President

New Zealand’s Liberal Party

The rise and collapse of the Liberal Party of New Zealand has many parallels with the heyday and decline of the British Liberal Party.

Philosopher of freedom

Wilhelm von Humboldt and early German Liberalism.

The growth of Liberal International

The development of global cooperation between Liberal parties.

The German Liberals

Between third force and marginal force: the Free Democratic Party in German politics.

Report: Liberalism in North America

Report of LDHG meeting of September 2000, with Dilys Hill, Terry McDonald and Akaash Maharaj.

Radicalism and the Risorgimento

Review of Denis Mack Smith, Mazzini (Yale University Press, 1994).

Radicalism and Liberalism in Denmark

The history of the Danish social liberal party, Det Radikale Venstre.

Liberalism in Germany and the Netherlands

Review of Patrick van Schie and Gerrit Voerman (eds.), The Dividing Line Between Success and Failure: a Comparison of Liberalism in the Netherlands and Germany in the 19th and 20th Centuries (Lit Verlag, 2006).

Helen Suzman: An Appreciation

Personal recollection of the life of South Africa’s first anti-apartheid MP.

Long-term trends in public opinion and the rise of the Free Democratic Party

Reflections on the 2009 parliamentary elections in Germany.