Journal articles

Welsh Liberal Party 1966–70

New beginnings and the challenge of Plaid Cymru

Letter to the Editor

Liberal Party Council (John Smithson)

Agents at work

Review of Kathryn Rix, Parties, Agents and Electoral Culture in England 1880–1910 (Boydell Press, 2016)

Letters to the Editor

The 1915 general election (Graem Peters, Peter Rowland); Chris Rennard
interview (Barry Standen, Roger Jenking)

The New Orbits Group, 1958 – c.1962

A look at the purpose and achievements of the New Orbits Group.

Cambridge University Liberal Club, 1886–1916

A study in early university political organisation.

Party colours

It wasn’t always orange or yellow…

Party agents 1880-1914

Professionalisation and political culture.

The Liberal Democrats and the functions of policy

Exploration of the different roles played by policy and policy-making within the party.

The Liberal Democrat approach to campaigning

Examination of the evolution of the party’s campaigning techniques and structures.

Liberal roots

The Liberal Party in a West Yorkshire constituency, 1920s-1970s.

Organiser par excellence

The career of William Gladstone’s youngest son, Herbert Gladstone (1854-1930).

At the heart of the party

Biography of Raymond Jones (1883-1948), constituency organiser, election agent and parliamentary candidate.

Aspects of organisational modernisation in political parties: the case of the SDP

Organisational innovations introduced by the SDP.

Liberal Party membership

Liberal Party membership systems pre-merger.

Hidden workers of the party

The professional Liberal agents, 1885-1910

Review: How the Liberal Party fared 1939-45

Review of Andrew Thorpe, Parties at War: Political Organisation in Second World War Britain (Oxford University Press, 2009).

The Liberal electoral agent in the post-Reform-Act era

An analysis of the activities of the Liberal electoral agents in the period after the Great Reform Act.


Liberals in local government 1967 – 2017

The Association of Liberal Democrat Councillors (ALDC) was founded, as the Association of Liberal Councillors, fifty years ago. At this meeting, organised in conjunction with ALDC, we celebrate its 50th anniversary and discuss the role of Liberals and Liberal Democrats in local government. What has the party achieved in local government? To what extent has […]

Research in progress

Policy position and Leadership Strategy within the Liberal Democrats: from Ashdown to Clegg

This thesis will be a study of the political positioning and leadership strategy of the Liberal Democrats. Consideration of the role of equidistance; development of policy from the point of merger; the influence and leadership strategies of each leader from Ashdown to Clegg; and electoral strategy from 1988-2015 will form the basis of the work. […]