Liberalism in the north

Spring conference fringe meeting, 15 March 2019, with William Wallace, and Michael Meadowcroft. Chair: Baroness Kath Pinnock

Gladstone’s First Government 1868–74

Meeting following the AGM, 28 January 2019, with Professor Jon Parry and Dr David Brooks; chair Tony Little

Europe: The Liberal Commitment

Autumn Conference fringe meeting, 16 September 2018, with Anthony Howe and Eugenio Biagini; chair: Julie Smith.

The 1918 Coupon Election and its Consequences

Evening meeting, 2 July 2018, with Alistair Cooke and Kenneth O. Morgan; chair: Claire Tyler

Votes for Women (1)

Conference fringe meeting, 9 March 2018, with Krista Cowman and Jo Swinson MP; chair: Elizabeth Jewkes

Election 2017 – A Missed Opportunity?

Evening meeting, 5 February 2018, with James Gurling and Professor Phil Cowley; chair: Baroness Olly Grender.

Liberals in Local Government 1967–2017

Report of Liberal Democrat History Group fringe meeting, Bournemouth, 17 September 2017, with Kath Pinnock, Tony Greaves, Richard Kemp, Sarah Bedford, Matt Cole and Ruth Dombey; chair: Andrew Stunell

The leadership of Charles Kennedy

Evening meeting of the Liberal Democrat History Group, 3 July 2017 with Greg Hurst and Lord Newby; chair: Baroness Lindsay Northover

Who rules? Parliament, the people or the Prime Minister?

Spring conference fringe meeting, 17 March 2017, with Professor Michael Braddick and Baroness Joan Walmsley; chair: Baroness Lynne Featherstone

‘Jeremy is innocent’: the life and times of Jeremy and Marion Thorpe

Liberal Democrat History Group meeting, 6 February 2017, with Ronald Porter; chair: Michael Steed

Coalition: Could Liberal Democrats have handled it better?

Autumn conference meeting, 18 September 2016, with David Laws, Chris Huhne and Akash Paun; chair: Jo Swinson.

The legacy of Roy Jenkins

Evening meeting of the Liberal History Group, 27 June 2016, with John Campbell and David Steel. Chair: Dick Newby.

Europe: the Liberal commitment

Liberal Democrat History Group evening meeting, 1 February 2016.

Report: Liberal leaders and leadership

Report of the Conference fringe meeting, 20 September 2015, with Simon Hughes, Paul Tyler and Lynne Featherstone.

Report: Catastrophe: the 2015 election campaign and its outcome

Evening meeting of the Liberal History Group, 19 July 2015.

Report: Community politics and the Liberal revival

Conference fringe meeting held jointly with the Association of Liberal Democrat Councillors, 13 March 2015.

Report: Among the Fallodonistas

Sir Edward Grey and the outbreak of the First World War: report on an FCO/LSE symposium, 7 November 2014

The Liberal–Tory coalition of 1915

Report of the History Group evening meeting, 26 January 2015, with Ian Packer and Nigel Keohane; chair: Raymond Asquith (Earl of Oxford and Asquith and great-grandson of Herbert Asquith)

Liberal Thinkers

Report of the History Group conference fringe meeting, 5 October 2014, with Alan Beith, John Pugh, Liz Barker and Mark Pack; chair: Malcolm Bruce.

The man who made the weather: Joseph Chamberlain – imperial standard bearer, national leader, local icon

Report of the centenary conference, Birmingham 4–5 July 2014.