Journal of Liberal History 105

Cover of Journal of Liberal History 105

In this issue: Gambling on Brexit – analysis of the Liberal Democrat performance in the 2019 general election (John Curtice); Liberal Democrat leadership performance – Comparative table of leadership performance updated to December 2019; The ‘Mangold’s Champion’ – Lloyd George, the Game Laws and the campaign for rural land reform in Edwardian England (Stephen Ridgwell); Birmingham, the ‘Caucus’ and the 1868 general election – an examination of the emergence and impact of the Birmingham Liberal ‘caucus’ (Ian Cawood); Meeting report – The Liberal Party, health policy and the origins of the NHS, with Lord Morgan and Chris Renwick (David Cloke); review of Rennard, Winning Here – My Campaigning Life (Michael Steed); review of Raina, The Seventh Earl Beauchamp: A victim of his times (Iain Sharpe); review of Crook, Governing Systems: Modernity and the Making of Public Health in England, 1830–1910 (Tony Little); review of Leonard and Garnett, Titans: Fox vs. Pitt (Andrew C. Thompson).