Journal of Liberal History 116

Cover of Journal of Liberal History 116

In this issue: Liberal history news – Obituaries: David Chidgey, Trevor Wilson; New subscription options for the Journal of Liberal History; Letters to the Editor – The two Davids: Owen vs Steel (Michael Meadowcroft); Cromwell’s statue and the fall of the Liberal government in 1895 (William Wallace); Solving the ‘problem’ of the twentieth century (Ewan Lawry); Liberal Democrat performance in the 2022 local elections (John Curtice); meeting report – 1992 general election (Gianni Sarra); review of Hart, James Chuter Ede (Robert Ingham); review of Oates, I Never Promised You a Rose Garden (Duncan Brack); review of Lambert, The British Way of War (David Boyle); review of Knights, Trust and Distrust, (Tom Crook)

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