Liberal Democrat History Group

The Liberal Democrat History Group promotes the discussion and research of topics relating to the histories of the British Liberal Democrats and its predecessor parties, the Liberal Party and the SDP, and of liberalism more broadly.

The Liberal Democrat History Group aims to appeal to anyone with an interest in the history of British Liberalism, whether academics, party activists or spare-time students of political history. We:

  • Publish the quarterly Journal of Liberal History, containing articles, book reviews, biographies, and meeting reports
  • Publish books, including Peace, Reform and Liberation: A History of Liberal Politics in Britain 1679-2011, Dictionary of Liberal Thought, and Great Liberal Speeches
  • Publish shorter booklets as concise reference sources, including Liberal History (a concise history of the Liberal Democrats and its predecessor parties), Liberal Leaders 1828-1899, Liberal Leaders of the Twentieth Century and Mothers of Liberty: Women who built British Liberalism
  • Organise discussion meetings, both in London and as fringe meetings at Liberal Democrat conferences
  • Make resources available to students of Liberal history, including news of research in progress and guides to archive sources (see Research resources)
  • Provide a concise history of the Liberal Democrats and its predecessor parties, along with a more extensive set of historical articles and biographies – the Liberal History Online project, available through themes and time periods.

We maintain an email list for news about our activities, including forthcoming meetings, latest publications, special book offers for Journal of Liberal History subscribers, and so on. To join the list, sign up via this simple form.

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The Group has drawn up a privacy policy for group members and users of the website and shop.