Portrait of Dudley Bahlman

Bahlman, Professor Dudley

Dudley Ward Rhodes Bahlman was a historian and academic. He was James Phinney Baxter III Professor of History and Public Affairs at Williams College, Massachusetts. His publications included The Moral Revolution of 1688 (1957) and edited a two-volume diary of Sir Edward Hamilton – secretary to W.E. Gladstone (1994).

Portrait of Helen Bailey

Bailey, Helen

Portrait of Norman Baker

Baker, Norman

Portrait of Arthur James Balfour

Balfour, Arthur James

Portrait of Jabez Balfour

Balfour, Jabez

Businessman and Liberal politician.

Portrait of Godfrey Baring

Baring, Sir Godfrey

Portrait of Tim Beaumont

Beaumont, Tim

Portrait of Alan Beith

Beith, Alan

Portrait of William Wedgwood Benn

Benn, William Wedgwood

Portrait of Jeremy Bentham

Bentham, Jeremy

Portrait of Robert Bernays

Bernays, Robert Hamilton

Portrait of Viv Bingham

Bingham, Viv

Portrait of Norman Birkett

Birkett, Norman

Portrait of Tony Blair

Blair, Tony

Portrait of Violet Bonham Carter

Bonham Carter, Violet

Portrait of Kenneth Bourne

Bourne, Kenneth

Kenneth Bourne was an academic and historian. He taught at London, Colorado and California Universities and the London School of Economics. Many of his books concentrate on the nineteenth century including, The Foreign Policy of Victorian England (1970) and Palmerston: the Early Years (1982).

Portrait of Roderic Bowen

Bowen, Roderic

Portrait of Ian Bradley

Bradley, Ian

Ian Bradley is as academic, author, broadcaster and theologian. In a varied career Bradley has worked for The Times and the BBC  – serving as Head of Religious Broadcasting for BBC Scotland. He taught for many years at the University of St Andrews and is ordained to the Church of Scotland. He stood as a Liberal […]

Portrait of John Bright

Bright, John

Portrait of Henry Broadhurst

Broadhurst, Henry

Portrait of Henry Brougham

Brougham, Henry

Portrait of Robert Brown

Brown, Robert

Portrait of Malcolm Bruce

Bruce, Malcolm

Portrait of Henry Bruce

Bruce, Henry Austin

Portrait of James Bryce

Bryce, James

Portrait of John Buchan

Buchan, John

Portrait of Edmund Burke

Burke, Edmund

Portrait of John Burns

Burns, John

Portrait of Paul Burstow

Burstow, Paul

Portrait of Thomas Burt

Burt, Thomas

Portrait of Sydney Charles Buxton

Buxton, Sydney