Portrait of Graham Lippiatt

Lippiatt, Graham

Portrait of Gordon Lishman

Lishman, Gordon (CBE)

Gordon Lishman was one of the key proponents of the Liberal Party’s adoption of community politics in the 1970s. Together with Tony Greaves he moved the Community Politics motion at the 1970 Liberal Assembly and with Bernard Greaves wrote The Theory and Practice of Community Politics. He has been a candidate for the party in […]

Portrait of Tony Little

Little, Tony

Portrait of Richard Livsey

Livsey, Richard

Portrait of David Lloyd George

Lloyd George, David

Portrait of Gwilym Lloyd George

Lloyd George, Gwilym

Portrait of Megan Lloyd George

Lloyd George, Lady Megan (CH)

Portrait of Paddy Logan

Logan, Paddy

Portrait of Robert Lowe

Lowe, Robert

Portrait of Eric Lubbock

Lubbock, Eric

Portrait of William Lygon

Lygon, William