Portrait of Denis Mack Smith

Mack Smith, Denis

Denis Mack Smith was a historian and academic. He taught at Peterhouse College, Cambridge. He specialised in the history of Italy and was probably the leading historian in his field in the second half of the twentieth century. Of his works, a number deal with the life and politics of leading liberals involved in the […]

Portrait of George Mackie

Mackie, George

Portrait of Donald Maclean

Maclean, Sir Donald

Portrait of Robert Maclennan

Maclennan, Robert

Portrait of Diana Maddock

Maddock, Diana

Portrait of Peter Marsh

Marsh, Professor Peter

Portrait of Karl Heinrich Marx

Marx, Karl Heinrich

Portrait of Frank Medlicott

Medlicott, Sir Frank

Portrait of John Stuart Mill

Mill, John Stuart

Portrait of Alfred Mond

Mond, Sir Alfred

Portrait of Edwin Montagu

Montagu, Edwin

Portrait of Kenneth Morgan

Morgan, Kenneth

Kenneth Owen Morgan is a Welsh historian and author and is a regular speaker at Liberal History Group events. He taught at the University of Wales 1958-66 and was a fellow of Queen’s College, Oxford 1966-89, later becoming Vice-Chancellor of the University of Wales 1989-95. His may works include David Lloyd George: Welsh Radical as […]

Portrait of John Morley

Morley, John