Portrait of Herbert Samuel

Samuel, Herbert

Portrait of Ros Scott

Scott, Ros

Portrait of Geoffrey Searle

Searle, Professor Geoffrey

Geoffrey Russell Searle is Emeritus Professor of History at the University of East Anglia. His published works include The Liberal Party: Triumph and Disintigration 1886-1929 (1992) and Country Before Party: Coalition and the Idea of National Government in Modern Britain 1885-1987 (1995).

Portrait of Nancy Seear

Seear, Nancy

Portrait of J.E.B. Seely

Seely, J.E.B.

Portrait of Geoffrey Sell

Sell, Geoffrey

Portrait of Tommy Shaw

Shaw, Tommy

Portrait of David Shutt

Shutt, David

Long term Liberal and Liberal Democrat councillor on Calderdale Council from 1973. Created a life peer in 2000, David Shutt served as Liberal Democrat deputy chief whip from 2005 and as government deputy chief whip in the Lords from 2010 to 2012.

Portrait of E. D. Simon

Simon, Ernest

Portrait of John Simon

Simon, Sir John

British politician and statesman and Leader of the Liberal National Party 1931-40

Portrait of Keith Simpson

Simpson, Keith

Portrait of Archibald Sinclair

Sinclair, Sir Archibald

Portrait of Julie Smith

Smith, Dr Julie

Portrait of Donald Southgate

Southgate, Donald

Donald Southgate was a historian and academic. He taught at Exeter and Glasgow Universities, Rhodes University in South Africa and Queen’s College, Dundee. He specialised in nineteenth century political history and published several books on Liberal history including The Passing of the Whigs (1962) and The Most English Minister: the Policies and Politics of Palmerston […]

Portrait of John Poyntz Spencer

Spencer, John Poyntz

Portrait of Venetia Stanley

Stanley, Venetia

Beatrice Venetia Stanley Montagu was a British aristocrat and socialite best known for the many letters that Prime Minister H.H. Asquith wrote to her between 1910 and 1915.

Portrait of Edward Henry Stanley

Stanley, Edward Henry

Portrait of James Stansfeld

Stansfeld, Sir James

Portrait of Michael Steed

Steed, Michael

Portrait of David Steel

Steel, David

Portrait of Neil Stockley

Stockley, Neil

Portrait of Mike Storey

Storey, Mike

Portrait of Andrew Stunell

Stunell, Andrew

Portrait of Helen Suzman

Suzman, Helen

Portrait of Jo Swinson

Swinson, Jo

Portrait of A.J. Sylvester

Sylvester, A.J.