Portrait of Donald Wade

Wade, Donald

Portrait of Richard Wainwright

Wainwright, Richard

Portrait of Jim Wallace

Wallace, Jim

Portrait of Graham Wallas

Wallas, Graham

Portrait of Diana Wallis

Wallis, Diana

Portrait of Joan Walmsley

Walmsley, Joan

Portrait of Edward Watkin

Watkin, Sir Edward

Portrait of Steve Webb

Webb, Sir Steve

Portrait of Josiah Clement Wedgwood

Wedgwood, Josiah Clement

Portrait of John Wilkes

Wilkes, John

Portrait of Shirley Williams

Williams, Shirley

Portrait of Aneurin Williams

Williams, Aneurin

Portrait of Jenny Willott

Willott, Jenny

Portrait of Margaret Wintringham

Wintringham, Margaret

Portrait of John Wodehouse

Wodehouse, John

Portrait of Sam Woods

Woods, Sam

Portrait of Ian Wrigglesworth

Wrigglesworth, Ian

Portrait of Alun Wyburn-Powell

Wyburn-Powell, Dr Alun

Alun Wyburn-Powell is an Honorary Research Fellow at the School of Historical Studies at the University of Leicester and a Visiting Lecturer at the Department of Journalism at City University. He has written a number of books including: Clement Davies: Liberal Leader (2003) and Defectors and the Liberal Party 1910-2010 (2012)