Journal of Liberal History 119 – Special issue: the Lloyd George coalition governments



Special issue: the Lloyd George coalition governments

Lloyd George and the hard-faced men, 1918–22
Kenneth O. Morgan surveys the record of Lloyd George’s peacetime coalition government

Lloyd George, the Liberal crisis, and the Unionist Party during the First World War
Did Lloyd George ‘abandon Liberalism’ in the face of war? Matthew Johnson examines the evidence

A Prime Minister of the left in coalition with the right
Lloyd George and the Unionists, 1918–22; by Alistair Lexden

The Odd Couple
Lloyd George, Austen Chamberlain and the post-war coalition, 1918–22; by David Dutton

The Lloyd George coalition governments: labour and industrial relations
Chris Wrigley examines what the Lloyd George governments achieved for labour and industrial relations

Lloyd George and the 1922 Committee
The meeting that brought Lloyd George down; by Alistair Lexden