Russell Johnston, 1932-2008

Scottish Liberal politics was dominated for over thirty years (1965-95 and beyond) by two figures: David Steel and Russell Johnston. Of the former, much has been written; of the latter, surprisingly little. I am therefore researching with a view to writing a biography of Russell. If any readers can help – with records, other written […]

Liberal song and the Glee Club

Aiming to set out the history of Liberal song from its origins to the days of the Liberal Revue and Liberator Songbook.  Looking to complete a song archive, the history of the early, informal conference Glee Clubs in the 1960s and 1970s, and all things related.

Dadabhai Naoroji

Dadabhai Naoroji (1825-1917) was an Indian nationalist and Liberal member for Central Finsbury, 1892-95 – the first Asian to be elected to the House of Commons. Dinyar Patel completed a PhD on Naoroji from Harvard University in 2015, and in 2016 he published a co-edited volume of Naoroji’s selected correspondence (Dadabhai Naoroji: Selected Private Papers, Oxford University Press). […]

Policy position and Leadership Strategy within the Liberal Democrats: from Ashdown to Clegg

This thesis will be a study of the political positioning and leadership strategy of the Liberal Democrats. Consideration of the role of equidistance; development of policy from the point of merger; the influence and leadership strategies of each leader from Ashdown to Clegg; and electoral strategy from 1988-2015 will form the basis of the work. […]

Emlyn Hooson and the Welsh Liberal Party, 1962-1979

The thesis will assess Hooson’s influence on the Welsh Liberal Party during this period by paying particular attention to the organisation, policy process and electoral record under his leadership. PhD research at Cardiff University.

Letters of Richard Cobden (1804-65)

Knowledge of the whereabouts of any letters written by Cobden in private hands, autograph collections, and obscure locations in the UK and abroad for a complete digital edition of his letters. (For further details of the Cobden Letters Project, please see

The emergence of the ‘public service ethos’

I am interested in analysing how self-interest and patronage was challenged by the advent of impartial inspectorates, public servants and local authorities in provincial Britain in the mid 19th century. Much work has been done on the emergence of a ‘liberal culture’ in the central civil service in Whitehall, but much work needs to be […]

The life of Professor Reginald W Revans, 1907-2003

Any information anyone has on Revans’ Liberal Party involvement would be most welcome. We are particularly keen to know when he joined the party and any involvement he may have had in campaigning issues. We know he was very interested in pacifism. Any information, oral history submissions, location of papers or references most welcome.

The political career of Edward Strutt, 1st Baron Belper

Strutt was Whig/Liberal MP for Derby (1830-49), later Arundel and Nottingham; in 1856 he was created Lord Belper and built Kingston Hall (1842-46) in the village of Kingston-on-Soar, Notts. He was a friend of Jeremy Bentham and a supporter of free trade and reform, and held government office as Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster […]