Dictionary of Liberal Biography

With Forewords by Paddy Ashdown and Ben Pimlott. This book brings together the biographies of over 200 individuals who have made major contributions to the Liberal Party, or to British Liberalism. Significant essays have been contributed by senior academics on some of Britain’s most important historical figures, including nineteenth century politicians such as Gladstone and Palmerston, liberal thinkers such as Bentham and Keynes and post-war politicians such as Jeremy Thorpe and Jo Grimond. The Dictionary of Liberal Biography is a unique source of reference for anyone requiring information on the contribution of Liberals and liberalism to British politics – past and present.

The Dictionary of Liberal Biography is now out of print, but should be available through second-hand-book sellers such as AbeBooks.

Year of publication: 1998

Duncan Brack et al (ed.), Published by Politico’s Publishing ISBN: 1902301099