Election candidates 1945-2019: North West region

The North West was a barren region for the Liberal/Liberal Democratic Party for decades from the 1920s with a higher than average number of constituencies left unfought at many General Elections. After a brief revival in 1950, in common with most regions in the UK, when the party widened the front considerably, there ensued a further bleak period until the 1970s. In 1983-87, as with other regions, approximately half the constituencies were fought by the SDP as partners in the Alliance.

30 or more candidates listed have fought elections in constituencies in other regions, one in as many as five. Cross-checking of these individuals has taken time but otherwise the compilation of this regional Index has been relatively straight forward compared with others. Special note has been made of the commendable achievements of ‘pioneer’ candidates who courageously carried the fight into the vast swathe of Labour-held constituencies across the industrial zone of the region beginning in the 1970s. The Northwest Region has produced its fair share of personalities who have flourished in fields outside parliamentary politics. Particularly interesting are the candidates, some of whom were briefly MPs, whose long careers began just after World War I and who remained active as candidates until after World War II.

Lionel King