Local history: Wembley Young Liberals in the 1950s

Alan Knight on being active in the Wembley North Young Liberals in the early 1950s.

Local history: Epsom & Ewell Social Democrats

David Gourley on joining the SDP in 1981 and working with the Liberals through the Alliance and merger.

Journal articles

Radical Joe and Chocolate George

Review of Andrew Reekes, Two Titans, One City: Joseph Chamberlain and George Cadbury (History West Midlands, 2017)

Cornwall: culture, character and campaigns

Review of John Ault, Liberal Democrats in Cornwall – Culture, Character or Campaigns? (CreateSpace, 2015).

Pioneering study of Welsh Liberals

Review of Russell Deacon, The Welsh Liberals: the History of the Liberal and Liberal Democratic Parties in Wales (Welsh Academic Press, 2014).

The Liberals in Hampshire: Martin Kyrle’s reminiscences

Review of Martin Kyrle, The Liberals in Hampshire – a Part(l)y History Part 2: Eastleigh 1965–72: out in the suburbs something stirred! (Sarsen Press, 2013)

The Liberals in Hampshire: Martin Kyrle’s reminiscences

Review of Martin Kyrle, The Liberals in Hampshire – a Part(l)y History Part 1: Southampton 1958–65 (Sarsen Press, 2013).

The strange survival of Liberal Lancashire

The strange death of Liberal Birmingham

Liberal roots

‘A nasty, deplorable little incident in our political life’

More mirage than vision

Review of Garry Tregidga, The Liberal Party in South-West Britain since 1918: Political Decline, Dormancy and Rebirth (University of Exeter Press, 2000).

Re-establishing the faith

Liberal Party fortunes in the Isle of Wight 1900-1910

John Sutton Nettlefold, Liberalism and the early town planning movement

Discovering Kincardineshire’s Liberal history

Discovering Berwick’s Liberal history

Battling Bath Liberal

Berwick-upon-Tweed: A venal borough?

Through the magnifying glass

Sir Jerom Murch and the civic gospel in Victorian Bath

Liberalism reunited: the Huddersfield experience 1945-47

Hastings in 1900

Report: Liberalism in the west

Dishing the Whigs in Winchester

Last outpost of urban radicalism: Wolverhampton East, Liberal seat 1832 – 1945

Lloyd George’s Flintshire loyalist

The Glyndwr manuscripts

Swinging in the 60s to the Liberals

Searching for Paddy Logan

Leeds and the Liberal pantheon

Birmingham: birthplace of radical Liberalism

Cheltenham’s Liberal history


Liberals in local government 1967 – 2017

The Association of Liberal Democrat Councillors (ALDC) was founded, as the Association of Liberal Councillors, fifty years ago. At this meeting, organised in conjunction with ALDC, we celebrate its 50th anniversary and discuss the role of Liberals and Liberal Democrats in local government. What has the party achieved in local government? To what extent has […]