Birth of Sir Arthur Comyns Carr, barrister and Liberal MP

During a distinguished legal career Arthur Comyns Carr was involved in many high profile cases, including cross examining independent MP Horatio Bottomley which led to his expulsion from the House of Commons and the trials of German and Japanese war criminals after World War II, which brought him a knighthood. A lifelong Liberal, Comyns Carr stood for parliament 11 times, being successful only once in 1923 for Islington East. The 1923 election saw dozens of Liberals, including Comyns Car, elected for seats with no particular Liberal tradition and they were swept away the following year. Outside parliament, Comyns Carr wrote a number of political books and pamphlets, including the influential Escape from the Dole (1930) which argued for greater spending on work creation rather than providing unemployment benefits. In later life he served as President of the Liberal Party 1958-59. Comyns Carr died, aged 82, in 1965.