Death of John Morley, lawyer, journalist and Liberal cabinet minister

Death of John Morley, 1st Viscount Morley, Liberal MP for Newcastle-Upon-Tyne 1883-95 and Montrose Burghs 1896-1908. Morley initially trained as a lawyer before turning to journalism. He edited the Fortnightly Review 1867-82 and the Pall Mall Gazette 1880-83. Elected to parliament at his third attempt, Morley served as Chief Secretary for Ireland 1886 and 1892-95 and became a strong supporter of Irish Home Rule. With the return of the Liberals to power in 1905 Morley became Secretary of State for India. During his tenure he achieved a number of reforms including decentralising the administration. From 1910 he was Lord President of the Council, a post he held until 1914 when he resigned from the government in opposition to Britain’s entry into the First World War.