Joseph Chamberlain and George Trevelyan resign from the cabinet over home rule for Ireland

Unlike other opponents of Gladstone’s Irish policy including Lords Hartington, Selborne and Argyle, G.J. Goschen, Sir Henry James and John Bright, the two agreed to serve and wait on events. At a series of tempestuous cabinets in March Gladstone outlined the provisions of the Home Rule Bill. The argument culminated in the cabinet meeting of 26th March when Chamberlain and Trevelyan announced their resignations. The combination of both Whigs and Radicals proved fatal to the bill and it was defeated in the Commons in June 1886. The subsequent election saw Liberals opposing each other and ushered in a period of Conservative dominance. Chamberlain eventually joined Lord Salisbury’s government as Colonial Secretary. Trevelyan however rejoined the Liberals and served in Gladstone’s last ministry.