H.H. Asquith formally begins his term of office as Liberal Prime Minister

King Edward VII was holidaying in Biarritz and had been keen to avoid any disruption to his holiday, even trying to persuade outgoing Prime Minister Sir Henry Campbell-Bannerman to hold off resigning until his return. As it was CB’s health made that impossible and Asquith received the King’s command to form a government. Asquith made a number of changes to the cabinet he inherited. Lloyd George succeeded him as Chancellor of the Exchequer, although Asquith toyed with the idea of following in Gladstone’s footsteps and combining both posts. There were also promotions for Winston Churchill (Board of Trade), Reginald McKenna (Admiralty) and Lord Crewe (Colonial Office). In a foretaste of things to come the cabinet list was leaked and published by the Daily Chronicle. The finger of suspicion pointed to Lloyd George who angrily and loudly protested his innocence.