Birth of Sir Henry Campbell-Bannerman, Liberal Prime Minister 1905-08

Birth of Sir Henry Campbell-Bannerman. Known universally as ‘CB’, he was born Henry Campbell, adding Bannerman in order to inherit a legacy from his uncle. Elected Liberal MP for Stirling Burghs in 1868, he served in Gladstone and Rosebery’s Cabinets as Chief Secretary for Ireland and Secretary of State for War. In 1899 Campbell-Bannerman was elected leader of the Liberals in the House of Commons. He held the party together during the difficult years of the Boer War and steered it to the triumph of the 1906 ‘Liberal landslide’ election. The Government he led after that election introduced free school meals, state pensions and reformed Trade Union and child welfare laws. Campbell-Bannerman’s health collapsed in early 1908 and he was forced to resign in April. He died in 10 Downing Street 19 days later.