Journal of Liberal History 117

Cover of Journal of Liberal History 117

In this issue: Liberal history news – Editorial; Obituary: Nigel Jones; Liberal Party candidate election photos; Letters to the Editor – The Two Davids (John Smithson and David Steel), Trevor Wilson (Martin Pugh); Herbert Lewis and the South African war, 1899–1902 (Brendon Jones); Sefton and Derby: Politics, principle and opportunity (Hugh Gault); Lloyd George’s French connection (Kenneth O. Morgan); Lib Dems in the cities (Michael Meadowcroft); The New Liberalism (Duncan Brack); Meeting report – Working with Labour: The Liberal Party and the balance of power, 1923–31 (Joseph Walker); Reviews: Lester, H. H. Asquith: Last of the Romans (Katheryn Gallant); Fukuyama, Liberalism and its Discontents (William Wallace); Neville et al, Devon Women in Public and Professional Life 1900–1950 (Mark Egan)

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