Journal of Liberal History 120



Liberal history news
Peter Hellyer, 7 November 1947 – 2 July 2023; Memories of a previous Uxbridge by-election; Candidates Directories published

William Gladstone and the question of slavery, 1832–33
John Powell analyses Gladstone’s views on slavery during his early years in politics

John Stuart Mill’s On Liberty
Introduction to Liberal history series; by James Moore

The Liberal Democrat performance in the 2023 local elections
Breakthrough or consolidation? By John Curtice

Shirley Williams: Liberal lion and trailblazer
Meeting report, with Mark Peel, Tom McNally and Julie Smith; report by Neil Stockley

Torrance, A History of the Scottish Liberals and Liberal Democrats, reviewed by Jim Wallace; Bogdanor, The Strange Survival of Liberal Britain, reviewed by Iain Sharpe; O’Brien, The Campaigns of Margaret Lloyd George, reviewed by Russell Deacon; Liddle, Cheers Mr Churchill: Winston in Scotland, reviewed by Ian Cawood

Letters to the Editor
Lib Dems in the cities (Jon Hunt); Colin Coote (Malcolm Baines); Peter Hain (David Yates)