Journal articles

Coalition before Party?

Review of David Laws, Coalition (Biteback Publishing, 2016) and Coalition Diaries 2012–2015 (Biteback Publishing, 2017)

Letters to the Editor

Liberal Democrats and the Coalition (Nigel Lindsay)

Coalition: Could Liberal Democrats have handled it better?

Autumn conference meeting, 18 September 2016, with David Laws, Chris Huhne and Akash Paun; chair: Jo Swinson.

Liberal Democrats in coalition: constitutional reform

Overview by Robert Hazell. Commentaries from Matthew Hanney and Michael Steed.

Liberal Democrats in coalition: Europe

Overview by Tim Oliver. Commentaries from William Wallace and Hannah Bettsworth.

Liberal Democrats in coalition: climate and energy

Overview by Neil Carter. Commentaries from Chris Huhne, Ed Davey and Fiona Hall.

Liberal Democrats in coalition: home affairs

Overview by Timothy J. Oliver. Commentaries from Lynne Featherstone, Norman Baker and Caron Lindsay.

Liberal Democrats in coalition: social security

Overview by Peter Sloman. Commentaries from Jenny Willott and Alex Marsh.

Liberal Democrats in coalition: health

Overview by Peter Sloman. Commentaries from Paul Burstow, Norman Lamb and Evan Harris

Liberal Democrats in coalition: education

Overview by Simon Griffiths. Commentaries from David Laws and Helen Flynn.

Liberal Democrats in coalition: economic policy

Overview by Matt Cole. Commentaries from Vince Cable, Jo Swinson and David Howarth.

Coalition and the Liberal Democrats: the policy record

Coalition and the 2015 election

Targeting and its effect on Liberal Democrat performance in the 2015 general election; Can Liberals learn from history?

Comparing coalitions

A comparison of the coalition with the Scottish experience of 1999–2007; and a look at parallels from history.

The 2015 election campaign and its outcome

Analyses of the election result, and a look at what happened to the party’s campaigning machine.

The impacts of coalition

The coalition and Liberal Democrat members; and the impact on the party in Scotland.

Managing the coalition

How did the coalition work as a government? And how was the party itself managed?

Why did it go wrong?

Analyses of why the coalition experiment ended so disastrously for the Liberal Democrats; plus a review of Seldon and Finn, The Coalition Effect 2010–2015.

Coalition and the deluge

Interviews with Nick Clegg and ten other former Liberal Democrat ministers on their experiences of the 2010–15 coalition.

Coalition and the Liberal Democrats

Introduction to this special issue of the Journal

2010 analysed

Review of Robert Worcester and Roger Mortimore, Explaining Cameron’s Coalition (Biteback Publishing, 2011).


Coalition: Could Liberal Democrats have handled it better?

The 2015 election decisively ended the Liberal Democrats’ participation in government. Did what the party achieved in coalition between 2010 and 2015 justify the damage? Could the party have managed coalition better? The meeting marks the publication of the autumn Journal of Liberal History, a special issue on the policy record of the coalition. Speakers: […]